Our Story

3-F Stared in 90s as a CAD/CAM consulting work. Primarily taking up AutoLISP and C based automation over AutoCAD. While CITI Corp opportunity from Zurich post some initial work gave some good uplift. But with the riding wave everyone flew to US and the company was dormant.

Post return from US in early years of millennium, Atul was helping multiple startups in US (primarily bay area) to shape initial product into release, build team mostly as Build Operate and Transfer model.

Second decade of the new millennium braught Salesforce cloud to the plate. Having shaped a partner company  which got sold, 3-F now continues to work in Salesforce cloud customizaations.

Post sell out, since 2017 we are actively involved in blockchain area, primarily in non currency applications. But the 2020s have forced us to look into Tokens, stable coins and Stable coins